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Blogger Practitioner

Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Student + Health Influencer @tyrabundance

Previously "Lift Vegan" and now founder of "TYRAbundance", Tyra is a health influencer on Instagram that advocates an abundant whole food plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle. Her main purpose in life is to help people build a healthy relationship with food, body, mind and soul amongst the chaos and confusion of toxic diet culture. The half Malaysian Chinese and half Swiss 20 year old is currently in her last year of an Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor’s degree at the University of Queensland and will be a qualified (and hopefully practising) Nutritionist in 2020. She has also worked as a Brand Ambassador of zero waste, eco-friendly vegetarian restaurant MANA! Fast Slow Food, print and runway Model for Topshop, wedding dresses and sustainable “Trashion” at charity fashion shows, and is currently interning with some clients on developing meal plans, enhancing their nutrition and building a healthy relationship with food. In her spare time, Tyra enjoys lifting weights, hiking, travelling as well as practising yoga and meditation.