Nuno Fidalgo - Fitness & Wellness Development Manager


Fitness & Wellness Development Manager at Fitness First Singapore Founder of The Pushup Movement Instagram @nunof01.

Nuno Fidalgo started his fitness journey with the Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira in 1990, he then pursued his passion for exercise and coaching people joining the fitness world in 2000. With 20 years of career in fitness, plus another 10 in Capoeira, he’s worked in Portugal and Singapore since 2012 With an overwhelming passion about fitness and wellness, he turned his passion into his dream job, and now is the Fitness & Wellness Development Manager at Fitness First Singapore, while still keeping connected with members of the public, in several appearances, classes and workshops.

His purpose is to bring Fitness Education and love for exercise to as many people as possible, in the hope of inspiring people to a better and healthier life! He is also the founder and host of a non-profit Youtube Channel and Podcast, "The Pushup Movement" with the purpose of sharing more knowledge and education about fitness to the public and in particular to Singaporeans

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