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Nazharia Schifra Crossfit & Weightlifting Athlete Trainer


Nazharia Schifra @nazhariaschifra Crossfit and Weightlifting Athlete Trainer at UFit Tanjong Pagar

Despite always being athletic all her life, Naz never really considered working in the fitness industry until she truly found joy in helping people improve and achieve their own 'wins' in the sport of Crossfit and Weightlifting. Naz enjoys working with her clients and guiding them to realise their true purpose of training. She coaches individuals from ages 13-55+ through personalised programming based on their level and skill (from the general population, Crossfiters/ Weightlifters, or teen girls who are trying to get better at their sport in school).

She also loves seeing her clients eventually take part in her Crossfit classes and excelling! Through the years of competing in both Crossfit and Weightlifting, and coaching, Naz's passion grew more specifically in the realms of nutrition and women's health. She believes that nutrition plays a big part of everyone's lifestyle whether you're an athlete, or not. As for women's health, she's always been a nerd when it comes to learning about the effects of training, recovery, energy levels, and nutrition on the female cycle.

With the fitness industry growing every year, she aspires to help individuals achieve a better relationship and understanding with food; and aim to educate women more about how their own hormones and cycle can be affected so easily, and recognise why a 'healthier' lifestyle plays a big part of our lives.