Kids Good Stuff

Vitamins, minerals, fruits and veggies for growing kids. Because healthy kids are happy kids!

Kids Good Stuff Choc Bananakids good stuff mint chockids good stuff choc honeycombkids good stuff choc honeycombkids good stuff choc banana
Kids Good Stuff – tub

Nutritional support for growing children; and peace of mind for parents. Supports healthy growth and development in a delicious mint choc, choc honeycomb or choc banana smoothie . Available in 225g or 450g tubs.

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Nuzest Kids Shaker
Kids Shaker

Trendy, kid-approved 350ml shakers make mixing up your Nuzest in an easy shake! shake! shake! All shakers are BPA free and include a compartment to store your favourite flavour of Kids Good Stuff or snacks, and a sieve to help create a silky, smooth consistency.

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